Which Wallpaper is Right For You?

We carry top wallpaper brands like Brewster, York and Seabrook. With a wide array of colors and styles, we will be able to recommend a style that’s as wild or calming as you’d like.

Are you looking to create that area in your home that “pops”? Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to create that “wow” factor in areas like your kitchen and bathroom. Even just making it an accent wall can create an entirely new personality to your living areas. This durable option can last for decades before a need for replacement.

Modern Wallpaper

Times have changed, and some brands of wallpaper are easy to apply, clean and replace! Traditional paint may require quite a bit of prep, but with wallpaper there is a hardly a mess after application. Although your grandparents may have never replaced theirs’s, you are not stuck with a wallpaper design for the rest of your life. Today, it’s easier to remove and replace wallpaper without the same hassle.

Create a Look That Paint Can’t

Easily add character and texture to any room in your home, with patterns that can’t be mimicked by a stroke of the brush. When searching for unique wallpaper designs, be sure to reach out to the experts at Klinger.

Tips for Installing Wallpaper

  • Prep the Wall – Similar to painting a wall, you need to make sure any holes are filled and blemishes are sanded down to ensure you are working with a smooth surface. Then cover the wall with a primer/sizing product. This will help the paper stick to the wall, reduce the chance of the paper shrinking and also make it easier to remove when that time comes. NEVER hang wallpaper on unfinished drywall, you’ll never be able to remove it!
    Instead on dipping paper in the water, use a roller to apply water to the back of pre-pasted wallpaper. You can even add a little paste to the water to increase its adhesiveness.
  • Hang Paper Plumb – When you start the process from an inside corner, allow at least 1/8 in, overlap from the adjacent wall. This will ensure you hang the paper plumb, even if the corner itself isn’t.
  • Book Your Wallpaper Before Application – Allow time for the paste to activate by folding the wallpaper it on itself. You can save a lot of time by doing this beforehand by setting each roll in front of the wall where it will be hung.
  • Roll It Out – Once your paper is up, run a smoother over every square inch of it. Doing this will ensure a flat wall that is firmly in place. Pressing too hard can be to your determent though, as you risk squeezing out the paste or stretching the paper. And be sure to roll every seam flat as well.
  • It’s Easier to Clean As You Go – After placing a panel, it’s easy to give it a wipe down to clean up any paste before it has hardened.
  • You Can Use a Taping Knife as a Cutting Edge – Similar to a ruler on paper, the taping knife is a sturdy straight edge that acts as a perfect guide.
  • Use Scissors to Make Relief Cuts – Sometimes, relief cuts are necessary to make before trimming the paper to fit squarely. The easiest way to make one is with a pair of scissors. This is so you lessen the chance of dealing damage to any wood trim.

Wall Coverings

Klinger Paint offers residential and commercial wall covering options. These top of the line products are affordable and will make your next project much easier to complete. Klinger carries wall covering options ranging from vinyl to grass cloth and anaglypta, also known as paintable wallpaper.

You’ll appreciate our variety of offerings from manufacturer partners like: