Klinger Paint & Interiors is your downtown destination for achieving the designer look you've been wanting in your home. With the area's widest selection of interior paints and primers, you'll have no problem finding the best options for your design project. Not sure what you need? Don't worry - A quick consultation with one of our on-site paint experts will get you the paint, tools, and know-how to complete even the most challenging jobs.

No matter the size of your project, Klinger Paint & Interiors will help you cover it with our full lineup of Benjamin Moore, Coronado, Klinger, and Pratt & Lambert brand paint products!

Specialty Coatings

Klinger's line of specialty coatings help create fun projects, provide protection, and fit virtually any special need you may have. Get creative with our chalkboard and magnetic paints, or take on a larger scale project with our products that work well as stage paint.

Need something that provides a little more protection? No problem - we've got stain blocking primers, fire retardant paints, and products that can even withstand sub-zero temperatures. If it's a specialty primer, stain, or aerosol you're looking for, we've got you covered, just stop by or call and we'll find what you need.

Benjamin Moore

When it comes to premium paints and stains for your home, Benjamin Moore has set the standard for excellence. They manufacture their our own resins and proprietary Gennex® colorants, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product. Paired with their incomparable selection of authentic colors, their products are formulated to help you achieve beautiful, lasting results every time you paint.

Pratt & Lambert

We offer a variety of premium Pratt & Lambert interior paints that promise beautiful results for any style, any budget - and every home. Pratt & Lambert asks the questions, why are you drawn to certain hues? What shades inspire you? What do you want color to say about you? Your color choices can create more than a look or style in your home. They can be the true expression of you.

Color is the most impactful element to consider when decorating your home. Whether you are looking for a barely-there whisper of color or a bold combination of vibrant hues, the element of color will transform your space. The art and science of color can be complicated. But with a simple understanding of its basic language, you'll be able to select colors more easily and with more confidence. Once you realize the impact color plays on mood - and mood plays on color - you'll be empowered to use it in your home to create the environment you desire.